Digital menu board

Digital menu board — a system of broadcasting dynamic menu on monitors for restaurants, fast foods and coffee shops, equipped with a unique control system. DMB — is, above all, the speed of changing information in comparison with traditional light boxes. The system can be synchronized with the cashiers to automatically upload data.

Menu boards provide a unique opportunity to use the menu as an effective marketing tool:

  • Test new positions;
  • Differentiate offers depending on the time of the day, season, holidays;
  • Promote key items and "slack" ones;
  • Conducting promotions, broadcasting affiliate advertising, etc.




Menu board management options

You can outsource display operations management or manage the system yourself. Independence and non-recurring charges for the solution launch are to be the advantages in case you choose to manage the system on your own. The advantages of outsourcing are lower equipment costs, as there’s no need to set up your own server, no need to train your employees, content management is performed by an experienced team. Which control option suits you depends on several factors: whether you have staff able to manage and serve digital menu boards, and be engaged in the design and management of digital content. Or better to entrust professionals with all stages of the process?


Differences between professional digital panels and TVs

LCD-matrix with increased exploitation resource

The professional solution uses a special matrix, which is designed for long-term and heavy use of on-clock work 24x7x365.

Better and brighter image

This is achieved through improved matrix performance. Image of such quality attracts more attention and is well visible even in direct sunlight.

Extended operation range for temperature and humidity endurance

This is particularly important in cafes and restaurants, where menus can be close to the kitchen area.

Remote management

Our software allows you to manage content via the Internet from any computer, tablet and other mobile devices.

Flexible screens

Both horizontal and vertical panel emplacements are possible. Used matrix completely eliminates crystal gravity effect, in which the image fades at the top or darkens at the bottom of the screen.

Warrantee and maintenance

Using professional panels in public places does not lead to official guarantee loss, unlike TVs, since digital panels are designed for such mode of operation.



The main digital menu control schemes

There are two main Digital menu board installation and control systems.


Scheme 1

This scheme is applied if you already have digital panels that do not yet support the new connection format.


Scheme 2

Advanced professional panels used for digital menu boards with built-in PCs and pre-installed software that allow you to save space in their installation area, make the system more secure, and reduce their integration costs significantly.


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